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By 4. 5. 2019

Do you have a well-cut company and you're not already on it? There's a new Legal Institute trust Fund. You specify which part you want to allocate and select the asset manager. A properly assembled and legally secured statute will ensure you continue your business without worrying. In case of improper management you have the right to intervene. Manage assets can be more administrators, even the owner. This practice is quite common in the West, but it is a novelty in the Czech Republic.
Good Help
Not only will he be able to determine what is going to be with your property. There is a trust fund in which you transfer part of your assets and leave it in the possession of an administrator. He will manage him according to the rules laid down by the Statute. Our company has high-level lawyers and will guarantee that in case of improper management can intervene court, so do not worry nothing. Contact us, we're ready.


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