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Inspection of Sewers

By 4. 5. 2019

Do you need to carry out a review of drains, is clogged and blocked? We will help you with cleaning and reoperation! So if natural flushing is no longer helpful. (It's flushing without human intervention. This is the flushing effect of rainwater inflection during intense precipitation. Rains of sufficient high intensity are not frequent, so with this cleaning can be counted only in sewer, where there is sufficient slope and sufficient minimum flow rate. This BA was supposed to move around 0.6 to 0.75 ms-1).
So if natural flushing when reviewing drains does not work-call us! We perform the so-called Artificial flushing, which we perform either by low-pressure procedure, by high-pressure procedure or by continuous flow.
Is the natural flushing of your sewage system helpful?
Never mind! We try to perform artificial flushing and inspection of drains!

Floating floors


Do you want high-quality flooring, which will surely suit all your requirements for both quality and thermal insulation, appearance and functionality? Do you require a great price and simple maintenance in addition to the already mentioned? Floating floors are right for you and will surely suit you.
Plancher is the supplier of the highest quality floating floors on the market. We offer our floating flooring in many colours and designs, among which everyone, even the most demanding customer, will surely choose. The floors also have a simple installation, which we arrange of course.
Simple Maintenance
Maintaining a floating floor is very simple. Simply take a floor-washing detergent and wipe the floor with a damp cloth or mop.

PR Articles


PR articles must attract or inspire their readers. They must offer them the idea that a given product, service, or idea will give them something and that they want to buy or learn more about them. As you type, you can unleash your imagination, and try to create engaging content and something interesting.
PR articles are written for both human readers and internet robots. They recognize copied unoriginal duplicate content. It is therefore necessary to create texts unique and own. If you want to publish articles to multiple sites, you need to modify their content to make it unique.
Quality Backlinks
The goal, for which we also write PR articles, are quality backlinks. These can be inserted directly into the text, they should form a logical unit with the text, and fit into it. The reader should not feel that it is reading promotional text.

Cheapest Service


Where to choose quality Help to make your construction site even other places, always OK and tidy? Then use our impeccable help and the kinds of services that you believe will save you much money, time and worries. Just waste disposal Prague, is needed help, which is necessary, anywhere. So do not hesitate to help yourself in a very practical way. Our machines and specialists are here for your help, constantly.
We can always advise
Our services and the work performed are only in the highest quality and safe. So do not be afraid of any inconvenience, because on our heavy machinery, you always have to rely. If it is necessary to clean up on construction sites, believe that the waste disposal of Prague is a great solution. You can rent not only machines, but also help our specialists. We always have good advice.

Vinyl Flooring


Each of you have surely heard the concept of vinyl flooring. This is a very high quality type of flooring, which we highly recommend to try, because with this luxurious vinyl you can create a luxurious atmosphere in your home. And who would not want to live in an apartment or a house with a luxurious atmosphere?
Sure, you can use other floor coverings, but know that if you use just vinyl flooring, your home will look much more modern and also more luxurious than before. This flooring is one of the newest generation of flooring that has been invented. In fact, the last one on wooden floors, paving or even carpets.
Do not hesitate to browse the offer on our website!
Vinyl Flooring will enchant you with its luxurious appearance and practoability!

Forget the fees of real estate agencies


The first few words determine how your ads will succeed for free. Therefore, avoid these beginnings: "Hi, I'm XY…," or "I'd like to introduce," or "ahojky, my name is…" Etc. Be as original as possible, try to be captivate-but the originality has its boundaries.
Many who are looking for their new counterpart can discourage your free ads, which are full of touting and bragging. Vice versa! A bit of modeness will not hurt! Also, do not include a list of properties that the reader would not understand without further explanation. The beginning of the advertisement "silent loner" obviously does not deliver anyone much. Forget about worn quotes too! Whoever is in reading this type of advert is versed, he will immediately inspect you.
Come and find a partner on our site!
Visit our online portal for free private and business advertising. The pages are arranged so that the search is simple and convenient. Your free ads have a chance with us!

Floating floors


Plancher offers a wide selection of quality flooring. Our floating floors meet all your expectations. In our wide rock, everyone chooses a pattern that he will like. You can choose if you want a floor of wood or laminate size of individual parts. We will advise you on what type of flooring would be best for you and we'll tell you all about installation directly into your apartment or house. We offer all this at a great price.
Floating floors offer a great price compared to the roofing quality and a very simple installation. The only work that hit the house is a comparison of the floor, then just lay the insulation and on it directly flotation floor. It fits together when laying and is done.
All perfectly healthy
Because floating floors are dust-free and made from natural materials, there is no allergic reaction or health problems.

Mácha Lake


A beautiful holiday can be in our homeland, we have so many beautiful corners in our country, which is worth it to spend our holidays on them. Such corners include Mácha Lake. We offer accommodation in chalets in the Staré Splavy region.

The chalets are equipped with a fridge, in the area there is also sanitary facilities, dining room and restaurant. If you are interested, you can also buy half board for your stay. For sports-minded vacationers there is also a volleyball court and table tennis. Mácha Lake can still lure you in a steamtrip.

Holidays in our cottages

Holiday in our cottages will make a great atmosphere, which you can spice up for example by an evening campfire. Enjoy Mácha's lake with all the attractions and entertainment that are countless around the campsite. We wish you a beautiful holiday

Outdoor Blinds


The color palette is really huge, we can offer you a stencil and here you will choose to tune everything to your exterior. People like to enjoy the luxury and especially women enjoy the nice colors, with us you have this option, just choose. Outdoor blinds are a great solution.

Outdoor blinds are still quite new in the market, but they are increasingly popular with customers and may in the future outweigh the popularity of other lampshades. Of course, they are more used in modern houses than for example flats, but they are a real gem.


Companies and large administrative buildings belong to our permanent customers who use our services. We have a varied offer and services tailored for them. Our cooperation is mostly long-term. These are outdoor blinds.

Dimensions and design that will delight


We have a great offer for you, which will definitely delight you. We offer you a range of beautiful and very spacious mobile homes in which you will feel perfect. You can use them for any purpose, because they are very versatile, practical, modern and beautiful. Choose their own design and dimensions that you are looking for and need.
Indulge yourself in your luxury
We offer you luxury as you wish. Just in our offer, you will find such kinds of mobile homes that will really enchant you. They are spacious, practical, stylish, modern and very beautiful. So do not hesitate and choose exactly as you want. You can indulge in the luxury you've always dreamed of, depending on where you want to use them. Believe me, you will be pleased.